4 Questions To Help Relook At Our New Year Resolutions

New Year is a perfect time to offer yourself a fresh start to the way you go about your life. As much as a perfect time, the New year is, the resolutions are hard to keep up. It gets exceedingly difficult to muster consistency suddenly, which wasn’t on top of our agenda the entire year. Our resilience almost always fails us. Studies show that almost 80% resolutions are brushed under the carpet by mid-February.

However, well-thought of resolutions integrated to personal values and carrying a sense of purpose, can help us pin-point what we wish to achieve in the year. Letting go of punitive resolutions like ‘losing weight’ or ‘exercising more’ and focusing on deeper goals that will help build positive energy, like ‘how do I develop myself to be a better person’ can go a long way in bringing in meaning to the resolutions that we take.

To help you get started, we are putting forward a few questions that can help you stay aligned to the motivations that originated with the resolutions. You can refer to them as and when you feel your motivations drop and take control over your decisions better.

How Can I Invest In Learning One More Skill?

There’s never an appropriate age for learning. All around us, we see instances of learning at an age where we thought it was never possible. Centenarians learning keyboard at their ripe old age, pre-schoolers learning multiple languages – the world is full of inspiring examples. What does it take for us to invest time in learning one more skill that can transport us to a world of joy and contentment? Setting aside time for your own growth and self-progression can add a sense of accomplishment and make life more meaningful.

How Can I Realign A Negative Mindset To Bring Positivity

Negativity most often stems from depression and insecurity. Removing negativity can refresh the way one approaches life and can bring in sunshine, in the literal sense, to the people around as well. The best way to achieve this is to closely watch yourself. Bring about self-awareness, it might do good to take a close look at your body language, practice meditation, most importantly practice control over your emotions. Consciousness is key when it comes to avoiding negative mindset. To know and be aware of exactly which path the mind is treading, helps you maintain the locus of control and have a steady poise. Start listing out the things that you are blessed with, and that you need to be grateful for, and you will see that there is no reason why those negative thoughts should cloud you.

Is There Something That I Can Do For The Greater Good Of The Society

Man has transformed to be so self-centered that the society seems like a blur everywhere around him. It takes some kindness to look at people around and genuinely care for them. New Year is a perfect time to de-tag from being full of oneself, to looking at the bigger picture! In what ways your action, could and will influence society. Could you take care of an elderly person in the neighborhood? Could you assist somebody in their studies? Could you help conserve energy and create a safer environment?

Do I Need To Refine My Personal Profile

There’s nothing that can edge in confidence like having a strong spirit and a clear mind. Sometimes things as trivial as doing a make-over can help bring in that little feeling of joy and can usher in refreshment. A wardrobe transformation can do wonders in ways that you can never imagine. Bring in colors that you haven’t added to your wardrobe yet. A polished style and a good posture will bring elegance to oneself. Check your social media profile and activity too. It can be a window through which other people can understand who you really are.