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Everyone needs positivity in their life. Moments and instances that uplift, inspire and help us make productive changes. That’s where Studio.T comes in. An uplifting, inspiring and engaging online channel and platform, Studio.T celebrates the spirit of the community. Studio.T provides your weekly dose of inspiration, knowledge, well-being and positivity.

A first-of-its-kind in Oman, Studio.T is a hub of heart-warming stories, conversations, and self-help sessions, entertainment and enlightening content.



To reach and engage with the public in Oman through thought-provoking multimedia content that promotes the values of the nation, the spirit of community and sense of fellowship.


To be a positive, enlightening and engaging online platform for the multi-cultural audience in Oman, differentiating ourselves with a focus on inclusion and a call for action.


  • Life Long Learning
  • Resilience & Growth Mindset
  • Social Betterment
  • Community Participation
  • Healthy WL Balance
  • Mindfulness & Wellbeing
  • Inclusion
  • Multi-culturalism
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Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier’.
– Alfred Lord Tennyson

We all need positivity and optimism. Now more than ever. This is us trying to spread the good word about everything that’s good around us. And there is so much of that all around us.

Let’s highlight the stories, and images of hope, beauty and cheer.

Let’s +1 The +ve.


Get Creative: Bring out the best in you!


Safiya Al Bahlani


The Value of Volunteering


+1Oman | Hon. Yuthar Al Rawahy


+1Oman | Malak's Inspiring Story


Earth 2.0 – series teaser


Earth 2.0 – Ep 1 – Jagruti


Artbeats Official Teaser


Hassan Meer | Episode 1

#Mind image

Recharge, invigorate and inspire your mind through a series of specially created shows. In a world that is intensely connected, people are extremely disconnected in many aspects.

Through inspiring, enlightening and creative videos, we showcase how to achieve mindfulness, embrace positivity, inculcate happiness and live your best life.

If you have been wanting to adopt an empowering mindset, achieve work-life balance, manage stress or just be more mindful of your actions, this is where your journey begins.


7 Minutes Guided Meditation


Mindful Minutes - Ep 1

#Body image

Staying healthy and fit is the primary concern in the world we live today.

Designed to optimise your health and fitness through expert advice, tips, exercises, nutrition knowledge and well-being guidance, here we showcase everything that benefits your body.

We bring you innovative content that aims to inspire and perform to your highest potential.


Fitness café teaser

#Growth image

A growth mind-set is one that is open to life-long betterment.

We aim to show you that this is indeed possible and a much better way to live than being stuck in a rut. Come, be empowered, and grow with us, as we explore ways and opportunities to enhance our personalities, careers, skills, knowledge and life in general.


Leadership Series | Teaser


What They Do Not Teach You In Business School


What They Do Not Teach You In Business School Ep 1 – Husain Baomar (Venture Capitalist)


What They Do Not Teach You In Business School Ep 2 – Majid Al Amri (Founder Thawani Pay)


What They Do Not Teach You In Business School Ep 3 – Loaya Al Maamri, (Founder of Mint &Coco)

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Enough of talking already. Get moving. Get growing.

Check out the events brought to you by Studio.T


The Friday Quiz


Positivity is Power | Webinar by Cornell Thomas


Communications in the 21st Century; Big Ideas, Millions of People | Roger Fisk & Roy Shepard

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Like what you see about Studio.T?

Do our objectives and values strike a chord with you? Then get in touch with us right away. Let us know how you can contribute to spread positivity, enlighten and empower audiences through content that has a lasting impact. We believe connecting real people with the real world. Let’s work together!

Write to us at hello@studiot.om

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Get in touch with us for any questions or inquiries. We are happy to answer your questions and collaborate with you on exciting projects!

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